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Cost of Building a Custom Home

The most common and often first question we get as a builder with over 15 years of experience is how much it costs to build a custom home. My answer is always the same, we need to calculate. 

Costs vary, it’s like asking how much is it to buy a car? You can’t answer without more detail like size (compact mid-size or SUV) and model (entry level or luxury or even a high-end supercar). The cost of a custom home works the same way, cost varies depending on a number of factors.

The cost to build a custom home is often expressed as “price per square foot.”  And the range to build can be from $100 to $300 or more a square foot. But what does that mean? The difference is the quality of the build and the finishing’s that go into a home. If you want quality, then expect to pay more. And yes, when you walk into a well-built home you can tell the difference. 

 We always recommend you put a budget together first before you ask what the cost is. Ask yourself what you want to invest in your new home. Then put a wish list together of what you want. We look at your budget, your wish list and then can come up with an estimate of what can be done for your budget. Our clients invest more in their home because they want quality. We work with our clients through the design process, that means we can make sure what the architect designs stay within the clients’ budget. We give a healthy allowance for kitchen, fixtures, flooring etc. so the clients know exactly how much can be spent. The fixed cost means that unless there is a change in the scope of work, the cost won’t change, even if building material costs go up. We will take the risk of that, not you.